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I’m Janine Waite, Happy Happy Nester, the founder of Nester's Circle.

I know how overwhelming creating a beautiful home for your family can be. I'd love to help you create a cozy home with some simple and easy projects. 

Through the years lots of people love my crafts, home decor and baking. I will share them and many more projects with you. And you will have complete access to me in our exclusive circle.
Our private membership is currently open for enrollment and since you’ve landed here, my guess is that you want to find out more. And trust me, you will below.

We will inspire each and our community will be a positive daily support that you'll love to add to your schedule.

I can't wait for you to join


It's a community of women inspiring and encouraging each other to create a beautiful home.

Through step by step craft and baking tutorials, everyone will enjoy seasonal decor and yummy meals and desserts. 

You will feel inspired to share photos of your home and projects and collaborate with others in a private Facebook group.

We will create wreaths for all the holidays, organizing projects, entertaining menus, fresh and inexpensive floral arrangements and much more.

If you need some inspiration, ideas, and a community of friends, we want you to join us.



  • I love seasonal decor.
  • Pinterest overwhelms me with too many ideas. 
  • I love creating home decor but I don't know where to begin.
  • I love a pretty home, but don't know how to decorate. 
  • I love a seasonal wreath for my front door.
  • I enjoy handcrafted home decor that is unique and pretty.  


  • I like to entertain on occasion and would like to serve impressive dishes to my friends and family. 
  • I would like some help with some kid's party decor.
  • I love appetizers but have never created a charcuterie board.


  • I feel alone and want a community of supportive women to bounce my home decor ideas and who 'get me'. 
  • I want to share an area of my home and get some ideas and answers on how to tackle my project?
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Let's start creating!

I'm so excited to open the doors to this private membership circle. We have a lot planned and can't wait to share all the great home decor projects. You don't need to feel alone when it comes to decorating, crafts and entertaining. We will have tips and tricks for the holidays so that you can have a beautiful home without stress. 

So, if you like to create things like a wreath, floral arrangements under $20, yummy gourmet desserts, holiday decor then this group is for you!

You can check in daily or weekly whatever works with your schedule. There will be weekly live videos as well as monthly guests and giveaways. You can always replay the tutorials at your own convenience. 

We can't wait for you to join us!

Some of the projects designed for you!

Arm Knitting Live Tutorial

This project is fun and super easy. We will show you how to arm knit this wool throw step by step. A live tutorial is the best way to learn how to arm knit. You can watch and make it right along with us! Also, since you are a member of this community, you'll receive a special discount on supplies. 

Paper Flowers Tutorial

These paper flowers are the easiest project and absolutely beautiful. We have a ton of paper flowers that you will learn how to create. Some of the projects include, tissue paper cherry blossoms, paper magnolia flowers, a spring flower wreath, crepe paper Icelandic poppies, paper garlands and much more. Paper flowers are the best since they last forever.

Macaron Lesson

This French Macaron lesson will show you how to make these delicious cookies. Once you learn how to make them, they will always come out the same every time. Janine has taken lessons from two San Francisco chefs, one whom attended the Le Cordon Bleu Paris. So, learn the tips and tricks that make the perfect macaron. The French Sabayon Filling is like nothing you have ever tasted.

Kathy of The Flower Theory

Kathy is the owner and the cutest flower shop just outside of San Francisco. When it comes to her floral design, she brings her own flair and puts her heart and soul into each and every piece. She loves to add the element of surprise in her bouquets which makes them so enchanting and beautiful. 

Jodie of The Design Twins

Jodie is a 2019 Better Homes & Garden Stylemaker and her lovely home was featured in a Christmas issue of Cottages & Bungalows. She and her twin sister, Julie are crazy talented when it comes to home decor and DIY projects. Jodie's home is full of inspiration and is always bursting with seasonal decor and ideas.

Jen of The Civic Kitchen

Jen is the talented co-founder of San Francisco's The Civic Kitchen. Chef Jen Nurse’s passion is teaching home cooks the skills they need to gain confidence in their own kitchens. Jen credits her mother’s exceptional home cooking, her Aunt Josie’s beef empanadas, and a transformative teenage year in Brescia, Italy with sparking her culinary curiosity.


WEEKLY CRAFT/DECOR VIDEOS Decorate your home for the seasons 

​LIVE Q&A's Four 1-hour Facebook lives a month

PERSONAL INTERACTION with Janine and guests

CLOSE KNIT COMMUNITY with women just like you

FEATURED EXPERTS throughout the year


MEMBERSHIP PRICE: $15 USD per month. You can cancel at any time.

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Here are some 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. If I can't watch the live videos, can I view them later?

Yes, they are available for replay 24/7 in the private FB group.

2. When does the membership start?

October 1st 2019.

3. How much does it cost to be a member?

You will be billed $15/month. That's the price of a couple cups of coffee!

4. Can I cancel the membership?

Yes, your payment will occur every month but you can cancel at anytime.

5. What if I'm not a creative person?

Not a problem, we will teach you the basic steps to all the projects. You will learn how to tap into your creativity, since everyone is creative you just need to know how to access it.


Monthly giveaways of special home items. Everyone can participate and one or two winners will receive a home decor prize.  Also, you'll get discounts on some items, like the yarn for the arm knitting project. 


Every week there will be new projects for the seasons. Whether is is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's or Mother's Day, there will be a craft, floral arrangement and much more that you can easily make.


This is a weekly event where you can get a live tutorial for various crafts, home decor or recipes. 


Throughout the month we'll bring in featured experts on a particular topic that's relevant to your home. You'll learn through live videos how to create beautiful things for your home and entertaining.


Inside the private Facebook group, you'll get access to Janine and all of the members. We're a tight knit community that inspires and encourages each other daily. 

​24/7 ACCESS

You'll have 24/7 access to videos, the private Facebook group and tutorials. Everything can be accessed from your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop any day of the week, any time, day or night.

Come join us

We would love for you to join us and become a member of our circle. Start having fun creating a beautiful home with very little effort. 

You need to join our friendly circle of like minded friends who will encourage and inspire you throughout the week. Janine is great at creating a welcoming and accepting environment and you'll love her warmth and happy spirit.

Enjoy and celebrate the seasons without stress. Let's us do the research and work and show you how to create a ton of different projects. 

So sign up right now so you don't miss out on this fun community. We are going to have a blast as we to add some fun into your day!



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