1. COCO intheKitchen says

    Love this idea, bet it smells heavenly. We have a laurel plant in the backyard. I should raid it and make a li'l one. The leaves can just dry on the wreath and be used later in cooking. Love your step-by-step pics. xo

    • Janine Waite says

      Hi Coco ~ Thanks so much for commenting!!! You're so sweet!!! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I was off to Napa! Yes, the Bay Leaves smelled heavenly, but now that they are dried…they are just beautiful! It is such a fun and easy project, ya gotta make one!! Have a great week!! ~ J

    • Janine Waite says

      Hi Lisa ~ Thanks so much for your kind comments!!! Wow! Yes, the green on green is quite pretty! I love hydrangeas. These blossoms were blue and turned green. I need to add the stuff to the soil to keep them blue. Also, I need to move the bushes since I think they get way too much sun. Boy, between the hot weather and the deer they don't have a chance of surviving. Speaking of heat, I hope you are staying cool at your house! Have a great week! ~ J


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